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Porcelain pnt 45 ml an.silver
Porcelaine 150 porcelain paint. Jar of 45 ml. Porcelaine 150 is a water-based paint for painting porcelain, ceramic, pottery, glass & metal - anything that can withstand 150 °C heat. It is very important to carefully clean the surface to be painted. Use a lipid solvent. Do not touch the surface after cleaning. The painted item should first air dry for 24 hours & then be fired in a regular oven at 150 °C for 30 minutes. NB! The shades might change slightly after firing. It is very important that the oven is at the right temperature. After firing, the paint is very durable & can be dishwashed at 55- 60° which makes it suitable for tableware, pot stands, etc. If you paint food plates, you should only paint the edge. Do not soak the painted & fired item.
Antique silver
Covering (opak) paint.
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