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Making your own soap ...

Making your own soap is becoming more & more popular. It makes a perfect gift & is also lovely to keep at home on the edge of the bath tub or the guest bathroom. Not to mention the importance of knowing what goes into your soap. Our soap pulp does not contain any preservatives. It is rich in vegetable glycerine that makes the soap moisturising & kind to your skin. You can create your own soap with different colours, shapes, fragrances & other accessories. Or choose one of our ready-made kits where everything is included.

The image on the right: A filled cake plate with small soaps is an eye-catching feature in the guest bathroom. Use dried rosebuds as lovely garnish. You decide what type of soap pulp, paint & scent you want to use. Bear in mind that the colour gets stronger the more drops you add. For the pastel soaps in the picture white soap pulp is used. With a transparent soap base the result is totally different!

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